Written by Jessica on Monday, September 28, 2009

We had a busy, busy weekend. Since Taylor started football about a month ago we haven't slowed down. Wade's the head coach and I'm the team mom; between that and trying to keep up with school and the boys, it's pretty crazy around here. And as crazy as it seems, we've figured out that we can swing a season of basketball (per Taylor's request) in between football and spring baseball so the craziness continues...

The boys got new shoes...again. Man their feet grow fast! Each time they walk like they're wearing moon boots and they struggle with them at first. Carter usually does pretty good and Tuck always melts down. I took the boys out to the front yard to break in their shoes and get their minds off of them BY MYSELF because I am CERTIFIABLY INSANE and they all instantly ran down the hill towards the road. It was awful. It was literally like herding cats. AWFUL! From now on, we're sticking with the fenced in back yard. I took them to the front because we have an equally wild Jack Russell in the back yard. But I'll take a crazy dog and three wild men fenced in over no fence and no dog any day!

Ready to go!

Mamaw got the boys some Baby Einstein plates and spoons. Before last night they've always only eaten off the table. Since we had them I decided to try them out. I was pleasantly surprised that we only had 1 plate dumped and thrown, although he did it several times. Not to name any names, Brayden Michael.

All the boys have been playing with the football a lot since we've been footballin' it up so much lately. Last night, Taylor was practicing snapping the ball and Carter got down beside him, balanced on his head looking between his legs. ..so dang cute, but no camera!

My 2 favorite teams stats:

Smiths Station BUCS: 1-1



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Carissa(GoodNCrazy) said...

THAT table thingy?? HUH?? Wow... I love that!