Written by Jessica on Friday, October 16, 2009
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The boys will be 18 months old in about 2 weeks. They are getting so big and so very fast. They climb, and tumble, and destroy and bite, and fight, and love, and play, and figure out ways to get into more trouble. They are so much fun. Here are some pictures from the last week or so:

This stunt never ends well.

Even the wild child gets tired.

They now push this box everywhere to use it to climb on things, they even climb up on their highchair table! yikes.

They play together.

Not even the pictures hung high on the wall are safe... he's working on getting up there.

A picture of deep concentration.

Tucker Monster!

Jumping off the couch onto the pillows.

All my boys.

Running wild at the neighbors!

Carter noticed Tucker running wild and then we all went over.

Whew! Long day.

Trying to figure out that lock.

the light.

This can't end good. Notice Brayden's leg!

Modeling the Halloween shirts I made them. The boys are in size 24 months. They need it for the waist in pants, but they are too long, so unless they have shoes on, I have to roll up their pants.

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Anonymous said...

The Halloween shirts are adorable!!

Umm, how do you keep your sanity with all the climbing madness at your house :)? I would be SO anxious and concerned about injuries.

Glad you seem to be able to take it all in stride.

The Lloyd Family said...

Thank you! As far as being concerned about injuries, with 4 boys I know they are bound to happen. I guess I should add that as I snap these pictures I'm pulling them down. KNOCK ON WOOD - My oldest is 7 and so far no injuries from any of them to speak of -KNOCK ON MORE WOOD!


aa said...