Written by Jessica on Saturday, October 31, 2009
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I have tons of pictures piling up, so before we go trick or treating tonight and add to the collection, I thought I should post some.

We've been carving pumpkins and eating lots of candy (lol) to prepare for Halloween. I've gobbled up a whole bag of Indian Corn with just a little help from the boys. They love it as much as I do!

Wade is officially unemployed. I've been a little stressed out about that... I think that's what led to the demise of the Value Size bag of Indian Corn. We have a lot of decisions to make regarding our family's future and it's all very daunting. But, as always, we will survive. So, enough of all that and on to the happy stuff - PICTURES of SWEET BOYS!

Here are a few of my favorite picture mess-ups:

This boy SERIOUSLY needs a haircut! That's one of the first things on our "to do" list now that Wade will be home to help for a little while. {{Hopefully only a little while... we're hoping he gets a job SOOOOON!}}

At the doctors office... The silver lining was, we had our own waiting room. The disaster part was that we had an appointment for 4:30 - they called and asked us to move it up to 3:50 - so we did - and we didn't leave until after 6:15. I had all 4 kiddos by.my.self. Wade got off work at 6 and drove up there to meet me and arrived just in time to hear the dr say the bumps coming up all over Taylor would go away on their own in about 18 months. He has Mulluscum Contagiosum.

I love these shirts... I made each of them one, but I can't seem to be able to get a picture of all 3 - so here's Tuck.

We're all ready for Halloween... Even our candy bowl has a costume:

Last Friday we carved pumpkins at Taylor's school, then over at the Smith's that evening. My arm was sore that night!

This pumpkin has 396 seeds. It was 41" around and it floats - as all pumpkins do.. ;)
Did you know that?

The Smiths Annual Pumpkin Carving Party:

The masterpieces:

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Colleen Pate said...

Adorable Boys! The Halloween shirts you made are precious. You must make them for Thanksgiving and Christmas and sell them. I will buy one of each for Hudson.
I am praying for your family in this difficult. Just remember that it will all work out. Whatever you decide, you will always have your beautiful family.

The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Colleen! I'd be happy to make Hudson some holiday shirts! ;) I'll have to talk to you soon to get moving advice!