Written by Jessica on Monday, September 21, 2009
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Here are some pictures from Taylor's first football game. They played the 'best' team in the league and I think the final score was something like 38-0. We play them again on Thursday, hopefully it won't be quite as bad. Regardless of the score, the boys were so cute out there!

When we're not on the football field, we're performing dare devil stunts at home.

It's been raining lots lately too, but football goes on in the rain, so we've adapted..

Coach Carter blowing Daddy's whistle.

The boys playing on the wet playground while big bubba was at practice.

Look at what the humidity does to Tucker's hair.

I decided to try on their leashes child safety restraints this week. We're practicing around the house before I try to go off with them. The only issue we're having right now is that when they want to stop walking, they sit and refuse to go, scream and cry, and throw big kicking fits. What will I do if all 3 decide they're not walking anymore at once? I may only be able to use these when I have backup....

..again, dare devil stunts. Here we're waiting on Big Bubba to get home.

They each have their own ride on toy, but they insist on fighting over one.

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Beth said...

Jessica, I love the monkey leashes. So funny! Also enjoyed the rigged umbrellas on the wagons, very crafty, indeed!