Written by Jessica on Monday, May 03, 2010
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Tucker Martin.  Named after his maternal grandmother and grandfather, Tommy and Donna Martin.

Tucker was the 3rd born, and the smallest, weighing 4 pounds 13 ounces.  Tucker had to have a feeding tube when he was born because he wouldn't eat.  They removed it when he was close to a week old and then they put it back in because he wouldn't eat.  Tucker, is still the smallest and he's the pickiest.  Tucker doesn't mind missing meals if the meal isn't what he wants.

Tuck won't eat vegetables.  Occasionally he'll eat carrots and maybe corn.  He loves chips and french fries.  He prefers those salty treats over sweets.  He doesn't really like sweets either, but will eat a cookie or 2 without much fuss. 

Tucker is the baby of the bunch and he has held true to the title.  If his brothers take a toy from him, he cries and rarely tries to get it back.  He's very laid back.  He's a happy, carefree baby.

He has little sense of danger.  He's the one that wonders off and gets into predicaments.

Tuck loves hotwheels.  I often find him with a car rolling it along the window ledge, or my leg, or the table.  He loves cars.

He also loves his "bubba's" (Taylor) Wii and Nintendo DS.  He's always with him if he's playing, watching every move. Tuck will sit and watch TV too.  I may have to do something if he continues all these bad habits as he gets older...only eating chips and watching TV/video games...

The first thing people notice about Tucker are his eye lashes.  He has the longest eye lashes. 

Tucker was the last to start talking, but he's talking more now and his pronunciation is better than Carter and Brayden. 

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