Written by Jessica on Monday, May 03, 2010
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Carter Edward.  Named after his paternal grandfather, Clifford Edward.
Carter was the first of the triplets born at 9:30pm weighing 4 pounds 14 ounces.  He didn't realize he was a preemie.  He came out breathing well, eating well, doing everything a newborn is supposed to. 

He's definitely held his position of first born/leader over the past 2 years; doing everything first and catching on to things a little quicker than his brothers.  However, the past few weeks Brayden has started vying for the leader role, lessening Carter's dominance. 

Carter is also my biter.  He doesn't do it too often, but if Brayden is trying to take something away from him, he will bite to protect what is his.

Carter loves ketchup.  He asks for it with everything.   Even cereal.  Carter has to everything his way at meal time.  He wants his juice (everything, including milk is juice) exactly where he puts it.  He wants the things on his plate just the way he arranges them.  He takes a lot of time and pride in how the food is placed and gets very upset if it's disturbed.  He hoards his food and is always the last to eat and therefore get up from the table.  He likes to take one item with him from his meal to carry around, roll in dirt, play with it, and lick it, and eventually eat it.

All animals are kitty's (keeeey).  and they all ROOOOOAAR!

Carter wakes up wanting to go outside (owwsiiii).  He likes changing his shirt and asks me to do it frequently and will make me put his shoes on in the morning so he'll be ready when it's time to go outside.

He loves baths and brushing his teeth, but not getting his hair washed.

Carter LOVES vegetables.  He eats raw spinach and salads.  He will eat his green beans, carrots, peas, etc. on his plate before anything else.

Carter is a daddy's boy.  He talks to his daddy on the phone and asks for daddy in the mornings.  Carter has a harder time with daddy leaving than the others.  He was the first to start saying DADDYeeeeeee instead of Dada.  They all say "daddy" now.

Carter loves to give kisses and hugs and blow kisses when we're leaving.  He hugs me and holds on to me so tight when he's not sure about something or somewhere.  He's very cautious and seems to understand danger as much as a 2 year old can.

Out of all 4 boys, Carter is the only brown eyed boy.



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