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Brayden Michael.  Named after his maternal grandfather, Michael Lamar. 

Brayden was the 2nd born.  He was the biggest at 5 pounds 5 ounces.  But Brayden had some breathing problems and was on a C-PAP for a few days.  He didn't get to eat until he was 4 days old and he's been trying to make up for those 4 days ever since.  I didn't get to hold Brayden until he was 4 days old.  I couldn't really even touch him for fear it would over stimulate him.  He stayed in the NICU 11 days.  His brothers did too, but they stayed to accompany him more than anything.

We refer to Brayden as our little Brayden Bear because he's like a big thumb sucking teddy bear.

Out of 4 boys, he's our only thumb sucker.  And boy does he love his thumb.  It stays wrinkled from being in his mouth so much.

Brayden is strong, and big, and solid.  He's starting to discover his strength as use it to get what he wants. 

Brayden is out "hall monitor."  He wakes up and makes sure everything is child proofed.  If we've left a remote, or anything he knows they shouldn't have out, he'll run to it and say "UH OH!" and bring it to me.  If we've left a door open, he'll proclaim "UH OH!" and shut it.  He picks up every speck on the floor and gives it to me for me to dispose of. 

Brayden is my big helper.  He'll gather up all their clothes for me.  He'll find all their juice cups and bring them to me.  He'll go get Carter or Tucker's pacifiers and take it to them if they're crying.  He always wants to help.  He's also my tattle tale.  He lets me know if anyone is doing anything they shouldn't be.

Brayden is my eater.  He eats a lot and he's the least picky of the bunch.  He'll try anything.  When I'm cooking, he's at the kitchen gate saying "BITE! BITE" and nibbling the whole time.  Unlike Carter, he doesn't hoard or play with his food. 

Brayden likes talking on his play phones, and often will walk around playing with other toys while he holds the phone (or as he calls it, "bone") to his ear.  When our real phone rings, he runs to me "bone, bone" until I answer it.

Brayden was the first to start saying ROLLLL TIDE!  They all say it now. ;)

Brayden does everything left handed.  It's too soon to tell, but he may be a lefty.

The thick blue and white/clear tubes are pumping the oxygen into his nose.  He also had an IV for a week and a feeding tube.


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