Written by Jessica on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We’ve been playing outside a lot.  everyday.  We’ve been enjoying every moment of the beautiful weather we’ve been having.

IMG_2831 IMG_2839 IMG_3035 IMG_3075

Carter is trying to steer and Brayden is not having it. IMG_3086

Look close and you can see the “buddles” they’re chasing. IMG_3115 IMG_3144 IMG_3157 IMG_3208 IMG_3299

First popsicles!IMG_3317 IMG_3341   Brayden, wishin we had sprung for the riding lawn mowers:IMG_3381IMG_3382IMG_3395 IMG_3419 IMG_3431

Carter is chasing bumble bees with a lawn mower handle.  He also like to chase them with the baseball bat:IMG_3458 IMG_3462 IMG_3511 IMG_2817 IMG_2838 IMG_3033 IMG_3057

Brayden hit Tucker, then blamed it on him:IMG_3083 IMG_3099 IMG_3126 IMG_3132 IMG_3133 IMG_3158 IMG_3202 IMG_3313 IMG_3328 IMG_3350  IMG_3393 IMG_3416 IMG_3420 IMG_3441 IMG_3461 IMG_3506

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Colleen Pate said...

Love all the pictures of the boys outside. Hudson would live outside if we let him. Your family is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These are to cute. I need you to make me a copy of them in their Easter suits, My printer dont make good pictures.. Call me i will tell u the one i want love you mom

AmFriend said...

What great, fun photos. So jealous as we just went from 50* to 36* in an hour and it's snowing, with high winds.
Love the pic of Taylor leaning against the swing set in his John Deere shirt, the buddles photo, Carter chasing bees (cracked me up!), Brayden vs Tucker in the Jeep, the pic where you are looking down at Brayden(?), and the last one which I think is a picture of Tucker, but am not sure on that one. Thank you for sharing!