Written by Jessica on Thursday, April 22, 2010

Here are lots of pictures I took today.  Some are for the boys official two year old pictures and some are just happenings of the day.  We love playing in the backyard and we are going to miss it dearly.  We did find a nice park in Aiken, and since I’ve been home, looking on the internet, I’ve found more.  None can compare to opening the back door and letting them run though!  I have pictures from our trip to SC too, that I need to post, including pictures of our new sleeping quarters.  A very tiny, teeny tiny, 2 bedroom trailer; complete with towing hitch and all.  Nice.  We’ll be camping out there until our house sells.  Have I mentioned that we REALLY need our house to sell????  BAD! 

Our official move to the ‘campground’ is May 22.  It’s getting close fast.   

all-3-on-deck---2 all-3-on-deck brayden-2 brayden-climbing BRAYDEN-DIRT brayden-looking BRAYDEN-WITH-CAT brayden carter-2 carter-3 CARTER-AND-TUCKER CARTER-AT-PICNIC-TABLE carter-cheesing CARTER-EARTH-DAY CARTER-MOWING carter-yawn CHASING-CAT taylor-and-tucker taylor tucker-2 tucker-3 TUCKER-CRY TUCKER-LOOKING-DOWN-2 TUCKER-LOOKING-DOWN-3 TUCKER-LOOKING-DOWN tucker-phone tucker-smile TUCKER-WITH-CAR tucker4 tucker5


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Beth said...

They are growing up so fast (like a certain daughter of mine). I love the shot of the yawn and the close up of the beautiful eyelashes - very cute moments to capture.

Good luck with the move and all the physical and emotional changes you'll be enduring.