Written by Jessica on Sunday, March 28, 2010

721 Pictures.  That's how many pictures I just transferred from my 2 camera's to my computer.  I'm overwhelmed and can't even begin to go through them tonight, but I thought I'd at least post an update.  Wade just went back to South Carolina.  As much as I love Sunday's, I don't like that part of Sunday and I can't wait till that is no longer a part of our Sunday's.

Today is my birthday.  The last time my birthday fell on Sunday was when I turned 21.  I felt cheated because I had to wait a whole week to go hit up the bars downtown.  A lot has changed in the 6 years since then.  Not that I was ever big on bars, but I haven't been in one in about 3 years or more.  And more recently Wade and I have joined a Church and couldn't be more happy.  Today, celebrating on Sunday has a whole new meaning.  I got to celebrate it at Church, learning about Jesus and I couldn't be more honored.

Brayden came down with a fever Saturday night, so Wade stayed home with all the boys.  {Although, now I'm thinking he may just be teething or something... He has no other symptoms.}  But anyways, I missed having them with me, and I really would've loved for Wade to be there since it's been a few weeks since he's been in town and able to go.  I did offer for him to go, but he insisted I go to get out by myself.  And it really was nice!  Starting first thing this morning when I had extra time to drink my coffee in peace and just get ME ready to go.  Ahh...so nice.

We've decided we're moving the last week of May whether our house is sold by then or not.  But man, I sure hope it is!!  We've got to do something.  There are so many reasons living apart isn't working, but mainly the financial strain of keeping up 2 households, and the strain on 4 kids only having 1 parent.  Taylor couldn't play baseball this spring because I couldn't handle the schedule.  It's just not fair for them.  So, South Carolina, here we come!  UNLESS, a job opportunity comes up here between now and then, in which case, Wade's packing up his bags and heading home!

 ok, well, I can't leave you without a picture, so here's my little mechanic at work.


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Beth said...

I do hope the best situation works out for you and your family. Just reading the words stresses me out. I can't imagine being so far from my husband. You have been a trooper and not many women could have kept it together ALONE for this long. I've said a prayer that God will reveal His plan and your family can be one, big, strong unit! Keep us posted.

Colleen Pate said...

Jessica, So glad to hear the update. I will pray that your house sells, I know how stressful it can be. I cannot imagine being at home with 4 small boys for weeks at a time with no help. You are an amazing person and I know everything will work out. Good luck with everything.