Written by Jessica on Monday, March 09, 2009

This weekend was absolutley beautiful. Saturday I was stuck in testing for over half the day. Mamaw came and kept the boys while Wade and Taylor went to baseball practice and pictures. When I got home I had lots of school work to do. As soon as it was time for the boys to eat dinner, I took lots Nyquil and went to bed.

Sunday, sick or not, we had to get out! So, we went to the park for a nice walk and to feed the ducks, then we took Taylor to the mall to this bungie jump thing.
Evidence that we needed to get out:
So out we got:
The jumpy thing:
Pictures from Friday before we went to Auburn for dinner:
Oh, Brayden won't be gummin his birthday cake afterall. He has a tooth! Almost 2 actually. His bottom 2 are breaking through, finally!
Carter has and Tucker both have 4. I thought Tucker had 5 when they were all just popping through, but the front 2 have grown in and the other one beside it that I thought was there too hasn't, it's still right there under the surface. So, we have a grand total of total of {almost} 10 teeth.

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Rachael said...

looks like you had a fabulous day out on sunday, lots of sunshine + smiles. i love your dress!

The Lloyd Family said...

Thanks Rachael!