Written by Jessica on Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm finally back at home today, Friday April 4, after being in the hospital since Tuesday. Apparently some sort of kidney/bladder/UTI infection caused me to go into preterm labor. They were able to stop everything with magnesium sulfate, nubane, fluids for hydration, and lots of IV antibiotics. I was also given the steroid injections to help the babies lungs develop more rapidly. While I'm still having fairly uncomfortable contractions that will continue until the babies are born, the doctor feels confident as long as there are no other labor factors that all is well. He said the easy thing for him to do at this point is to keep me at the hospital, however, it's not the easiest on me! So we agreed that I live close enough to the hospital that should anything happen I could get there and we also agreed that I would be on complete and total bed rest. And let me tell you, when someone makes you stay in bed, you want nothing more than to get out of it! Here's a picture my photographer husband snapped of me soon after I found out I was about to get to go home. They are monitoring 3 heartbeats and contractions with the things strapped to my stomach...

Unfortunately though, I am at the point where it is too painful to get up and walk to the bathroom, let alone do the other things I'm not supposed to do, so, bed rest it is for me. Poor Wade is getting orders left and right to do everything that I want to do. Right now I'm wanting to work in the yard and get it looking lively again, so hopefully if the weather cooperates I can get him out there working this weekend! Speaking of the yard, here's the most lively thing in the front yard right now. It will soon be fading though, it's confederate jasmine and blooms once in the early spring and then again in the late fall for about a month at a time. The great thing is that it needs no water, no attention or maintenance of any sort and it gets bigger and better every year.

Because we will be bringing three premature babies home, we have to get all the pet dander out of the house, which means giving up our year old kitty, Alex the Lion. He's neutered and has been declawed, therefore he must stay indoors. If you know anyone that would like to help us with Alex, please let me know. Here's a picture of him sleeping; he looks like this about 20 hours of the 24 hour day. The other 4 hours he's bee/bird watching from the window, or eating.

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