Written by Jessica on Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The boys are all doing very well. We met with the Maternal Fetal Medicine Doctor today and he took a detailed look at all the boys' internal and external parts and gave them a clean bill of health. Much to our delight, they weigh a little more than we expected. The weights come from measurements of their heads, bodies, arm and leg bone lengths, and a few other factors that complete the formula. Each of their parts are then converted from a GA to a AUA. That is, a Gestational Age to an Adjusted Ultrasound Age. Their AUA's were all in the range of 30 weeks to 35 weeks. Their belly's were all measuring large at 35 weeks... they must get that from their daddy!! Their true gestational age is 29 weeks and 6 days (I'll be 30 weeks tomorrow). The weights are accurate +/- 2 oz:

Baby A: 3lbs 5oz
Baby B: 3lbs 9oz
Baby C: 3lbs 5oz

Yes, that's 10lbs 3oz of baby in there already! No wonder I can't roll over or hardly get myself up off the couch! I just thought Taylor was big at 8lbs 10oz, what a wimp I was back then!

It's nearly impossible for them to get pictures of the babies now. They've gotten too big. When one of the babies does cooperate and look up, it never fails that one of his brothers throws a foot or hand or something up to block the picture. Here's the best one we were able to get last week.

Baby A - 29 weeks

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