Written by Jessica on Monday, June 14, 2010

Pictures take entirely too long to upload right now.

So, I'm just gonna gripe about the cost of childcare for a minute.

Registration fee: $65 each x 4 = $260
Material Fee: $55 each x 4 = $220
1 week deposit required up front = $373.75

Yes, $373.75 summer fee or $359.50 during school year when Taylor would only need after school care.

That's  $1227.50 just to START daycare for one week, plus all the book bags, and lunch boxes, and nap mats, diapers, wipes, clorox wipes, paper towels, and all the other stuff you have to supply.

And that is with a discount:
1st child: $115/week
25% off additional children: $86.25/week each
after school: $72/week

So, we're looking at $1500/ month for childcare plus we have to provide snacks and breakfasts.

My boys are to the age now, I'd like them to go to preschool, but my goodness, it's so expensive!

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Megan said...

We thought about sending ours, but the cost is so outrageous! So we decided to just stay at home and I will teach them until kindergarten. We downloaded some information online that tells you what they should know at what age, so we we are just going to use that as a guideline! Good luck!

Mother of Multiples said...

I am so glad to finally run across someone who feels like I do and hates the cost of having to do 3 at once. I feel so refreshed to hear your story. Our school has a fund that helps out but I have yet to use it..I dont know what I will do when my trips go to school..ouch...I am visiting from mott multiples facebook page..thanks for posting and please continue to. I love the header to your blog..beautiful