Written by Jessica on Monday, June 07, 2010

I'm still alive!  The move to Aiken was a pain to say the least, I really don't like moving.  It was my first time and I wish my last, but since we're in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bath trailer for the time being, I'm glad it's not the last!  Our house still hasn't sold, but it may be rented out soon.  {fingers crossed} 

I haven't had internet access since the move a couple weeks ago.  So, I feel so high tech to be surfin the web again!  We have a TV and DVD player, but no cable or live TV.  We can't even get the local channels. 

We're about to enroll Taylor in the local First Tee program and we've been invited to several churches and we plan on visiting them all before we settle down at one.  So, we're about to quit acting like tourist and start acting like we live here. 

I've found a job I really want at the plant Wade and most of the town works that I'm going to apply for.  I sure hope I get it, although it would be a huge change and I would miss hanging out with my boys during the day.

Pictures and a better update coming soon.  For now, I must cook dinner for 5 hungry boys.

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Anonymous said...

glad you are back ...... love hearing about your day.......love always mom