Written by Jessica on Sunday, January 25, 2009
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I was tagged by Kym, we went through Dale Carnegie together and we are now both working on our Masters... We just can't get enough!

8 TV Shows I Watch
-Grey's Anatomy
-Desparate Housewives
-Private Practice
-Brothers & Sisters
-Jimmy Kimmel
-Ellen Degenerous
-Regis and Kelly
-The View
8 Favorite restaurants - let's see if I can remember where I used to like to eat BT (Before Triplets)
-13th Street - I still get my Saturday BBQ!
-China Garden
-B. Merrell's
-Cannon Brew Pub

8 things that happened today
-I slept in! (Thank you dear!)
-Our neighbors came over
-Brayden threw up on me
-All three boys had dirty diapers 3 times today
-Our group project was finalized and is now complete - woo hoo!
-Wade hung some clothes up for me (it's a big deal and very much worthy of a top 8!!)
-Carter went to sleep without too much fuss
-I made broccoli for the boys and spilled half of it

8 things I look forward
-Graduating in 2010
-Seeing my boys (all 5 of them) each morning
-Getting into a church
-Taylor starting baseball

8 things I wish
-President Obama will turn things around
-The boys will sleep until 8am
-and all three will take a nap at the same time
-World peace (I know how that sounds, but really...can't we all just get along)
-My boys will all be healthy and live happy long lives
-I will get back in my 'skinny jeans' oneday
-I will get a job when I'm ready to work outside our home
-We'll hit the lottery oneday (although I don't play)

8 songs I just listened to
none... but here's 8 I like:
-Pink - "So what" - (I'm still a rock star)
-Carrie Underwood - "Jesus take the wheel"
-Beyonce - "Put a Ring on it"
-George Strait - "Ocean Front Property" (in Arizona)
-Billy Currington - "Must be doing something right"
-Garth Brooks - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"
-Reba McEntire - "If you see him"
-Brad Paisley - "When I get where I'm going"

8 Movies I love
-Starsky and Hutch
-Wedding Crashers
-Mr. and Mrs. Smith
-Along Came Polly
-You, Me and Dupree
-Meet the Parents/Fockers
-Shallow Hal

8 People I tag
-and Mike S.
-and John
-Peyton H.
-Crystal P.S.

Meredith, Mike, Peyton, and Crystal - do it on facebook. = ) - You have the time!

2 i *heart* comments!:

~ MJ ~ said...

That was neat, I love you reply to the favorite resturants. We never eat out anymore either! lol
Your blog is looking great. :)

Kym said...

love this! i haven't been on in forever! Glad you got to this! It's always fun to read!! Hope you are doing well! School iS CRAZY!!