Written by Jessica on Monday, January 26, 2009
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In a blink of the eye the boys (Carter and Tucker) have started pulling up on everything. They are both cruising along the edge of things, still slightly cautiously, but steady. They attack anything/anyone that gets in the floor. Bedtime has become more exhausting for me as they are fighting it more and more, standing up and screaming for me to come in and rescue them.
Brayden is still not crawling. He is, however, staring to move to get things he wants by scooting. It's a very labored scoot though. The way that child moves you would think he weights 100lbs. Brayden may not be moving, but he's "talking!" He's going to be my little watchman, keeping an eye out and reporting back to me when their brothers are misbehaving. He's been saying mamamamamamama mama mama for a few weeks now. But I didn't want to call it too early. Now, though, even Wade agrees he's saying Momma and has related it to me. When he gets upset and cries, he cries out then starts saying "MOMMA." He's making other sounds, he's even starting to make the "da" sound. He's a chatterbox, jabbering all day.
Bedtime last night:

Playtime yesterday:

The paper was haphazardly laying on the couch, so they boys decided they wanted to do a little light reading. Carter needed a few laughs, so he grabbed the funnies, Brayden wants some new toys, so he went for the sales, and Tucker's looking for a new gig in the 'Career Builder' section of the Ledger.

Carter is trying to CLIMB the baby gate, CLIMB it! He pulls himself up, holding on with just his hands, feet in the air. Or he'll raise one foot and try to get it to catch in the fencing. When that doesn't get him anywhere he start violently shaking and rocking it.

Tucker's holding on with one hand. He's starting to get braver and let go of one thing and go to the next. Right now it's fall into something else and hope his hands catch him before his face does.... it's a work in progress, but he's working very, very hard at it.

All is well with my older child. He's playing Wii and going to school with a little eating and breathing in between. We're about to have to enforce some strict Wii limits, he's becoming obsessed! He seems to be going through a phase now also, where he doesn't want his picture taken. So most pictures I get of him are the one's where he's in that horror scene pose scrunched down and hiding his face with his hands... ugh.

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~ MJ ~ said...

Great pictures! Their getting so big. *sniff* ;)

Colleen Pate said...

I can't believe how big they are. They are going to be running before you know it!