Written by Jessica on Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Well, our little "girl" revealed himself as a sneaky little boy. Looks like 4 boys for us! At first I thought how sweet it would have been to have a little girl, then I started thinking of how easy it will be to have all boys. They can share clothes, a bedroom, toys, etc..... It will be a lot easier that's for sure. We go to the doctor again January 10th for one more look. We want to be sure we weren't getting Baby A confused with Baby B or Baby B with A or A with C or C with B or C with A.....well you get the picture - having 3 babies in there is quite confusing and it's getting harder and harder to differentiate the bigger they get. By triplet standards I'm half way there. Dr. E says all is well right now and I feel great. I hope this is an indication of what's to come!

Ultrasound Pictures of the boys at 16 weeks

Baby A - 16 weeks (left bottom of my tummy)

Baby B - 16 weeks (right bottom of my tummy)

Baby C - 16 weeks (top center of my tummy)

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