Written by Jessica on Thursday, January 24, 2008

I think it's taken me 8 weeks and a baby shower to realize what it meant when the doctor said triplets.... We're outnumbered! Wednesday a group of my wonderful friends coordinated a baby shower at work. It was so perfect, lots of good food and friends and tons of baby stuff. Jenny, Haley, Marie, Amelia, and Heather - thank you so much!! Thanks to everyone I work with, we have lots and lots of great things and adorable clothes for the boys when they arrive. I don't have any pictures from the shower yet. Hopefully I will be getting some soon. But here's a picture of the boy's closet right now.

Thanks to Amelia, Cheryl and Lynn from 10th Street the babies now have a place to sleep too!
When we started putting the third crib together, Wade and I both realized that we're in over our heads. Someone once told me as you start having more kids you have to go from a man to man defense to a zone defense. I'm not sure what that means exactly....Do they have books on that?
Thank you all so much! I don't know what we would have done without everyone's help! We're so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family.


We've officially decided on names. It was much harder to pick three than one, I'll tell you that!
So, after much deliberation and probably a few arguments (I can't remember much these days), here are the names:

Carter Edward (Wade's dad)
Brayden Michael (My dad)
Tucker Martin (My mom and step dad)

After we decided on the names, we realized the first letters of their first names spells out CB&T. That's company dedication, huh?! and the middle names are all from our parents.

Taylor Wade is of course named after his daddy. So, we're very excited that all of our boys names have a special meaning.

I'm down to working 20 hours a week now. I think this is going to help me with the physical and emotional fatigue I've been dealing with balancing 40 hours a week, taking care of the family, and trying to take care of myself and the three babies I'm carrying. Not to mention all the inside stuff the doctor's worried about. I go to the periontologist next Wednesday. This is a very important appointment as we will be finding out if the babies have all developed correctly internally and externally as well as if they are gaining the wait and size they should be for 21 weeks gestation.

Hopefully I'll get some good news and some good pictures from that visit.

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I'm stressed, but I do still know weight in this case should be spelled weight, not wait... Guess I was thinking of the wait and weight ahead.

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