Written by Jessica on Monday, August 03, 2009
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Today my babies turned 15 months old. To celebrate we took them to the Montgomery Zoo... Well, not really, but we did go. We were kicking off 2009 summer staycation part II, which just so happened to fall on their 15 month birthday.

At 15 months they:
**play "Indian Baby"
**Have a 3 word 'steady' vocab - "bye-bye" {and wave} "mama" "dada" are their 'all-the-time' words - they make other sounds, trying to say other words, which occasionally slip out, like "bubba" and "more" but they aren't regular yet.
**They have mastered walking and are running
** Their newest stunt is climbing on EVERYTHING
**They open and close doors
**They remove the "child proof" outlet covers
**They play peek a boo with eachother and others
**They play hide and go seek, but they usually only do the seeking and laughing when they find big bubba
**They are playing more and more with eachother {which is so stinking cute!! They cackle and just laugh out loud.}
**They are eating everything
**Carter and Tucker pretty much have 4 molars each
**Carter blows kisses and will give "high fives" {so cute!}
**They run to their high chair table when I say "Let's Eat!"
** When I tell one "Good Job!" they all clap!
**When I sing "pat-a-cake" they do the motions with their hands themselves now

I'm sure there is more, I'll edit as I remember. Since I haven't been keeping a baby book, I've gotta start getting these things out here!

I have LOTS of pictures, as you can imagine, but I'm way too tired to post them tonight; we left at just before noon and got home just after 9pm! We had tons of fun and the boys were perfect little Angels. I think their favorite part was the train ride at the end. My favorite was the chimpanzees, one of which was carrying a baby as she swung through the ropes. Taylor's was "all of the monkey's, especially the swinging ones." I'm pretty sure Tucker would say his least favorite part was his big bubba tipping the stroller over, landing little Tuck face down in the grass. Tuck was a trooper though, he didn't cry, but Taylor did - he felt so bad.

I think some little gremlins came in the house while we were gone. Surely I didn't leave it in this big of a mess, right?! Unfortunately fate has put a small damper on our fun. The brakes on Big Blue started growling and roaring in Montgomery, so it's to the shop with her first thing in the a.m.

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Kelee Katillac said...

So wonderful! You should make a cute little book out of this post!!

love, kelee