Written by Jessica on Friday, February 13, 2009

We went to the evaluation last Monday and all is well. The doctor made me feel a little crazy for even bringing them in, stating that they were perfect and all on track for not only their adjusted age, but their actual age. So, we feel better and are going to quit worrying so much...(yeah, right!) They are all roughly 28" give or take a 1/4" for wiggling(roughly 50th percentile for actual age). Brayden's 22lbs, Carter's 21lbs, and Tucker is 20lbs(roughly 75th percentile for actual age).
Carter has 2 teeth with 2 breaking through.
Tucker has 5 teeth!!
Brayden has NO teeth, with none breaking through! He is teething, his gums are swollen, but I can't see them below the surface yet.
Big brother wrestling with the boys.
What do you do when a brother is in the way and won't move?
...throw yourself over him!
We've explored a couple new vegetables this week, spinach and asparagus. YUM!
I was having breakfast as they were having lunch and I felt bad feeding them this spinach that I gagged over while making. Surprisingly, they LOVED it!
Brayden sucks his thumb between bites which makes for a messy Brayden at the end of the meal!

I stopped feeding to take a picture. Tucker was not happy!

First bite... Hmmm. "I think I like it."

The weather has been so beautiful lately. We've been going outside at least once each day.
Taylor tests for his green belt tonight. Wish him luck!

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~ MJ ~ said...

Great pics, I'm so glad everyone is doing so well. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Kim said...

I totally woould not worry about their weights. Those are some big boys you've got there. Mine only weigh 17.11, 18.9 and 18.11 at 10 mos old!